Work in Peru

Do you want to work in Peru? We will provide you with legal advice in order to help you obtain a visa which will allow you to carry out the economic activities of your choice.

In order to labor in Peru you must have one of the following work visas:

Designated Worker visa (temporary or resident): designed for foreign workers who are assigned to Peru in order to render services to a Peruvian company, on behalf of their company abroad.

Worker visa (temporary or resident): designed for foreign citizens who wish to labor for a Peruvian company, whether as dependent employees or providing services as independent contractors. The qualification of temporary or resident is dependent upon the term of the labor contract. The temporary worker visa has a term of one hundred and eighty three (183) renewable days, whereas the resident worker visa has a term of one (1) renewable year.

The worker visa is one of the most commonly used options by those interested in obtaining legal residency in Peru and, afterwards, the Peruvian citizenship. Our team has years of experience providing legal advice to foreign workers, be them dependent, independent, expats, among others. Rest assured, we will help you obtain a visa which will fit your necessities and expectations. If you wish to learn more about this topic, please contact us.