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Feb / 2017

The New Immigration Law in Peru

Many foreigners living in Peru will be aware by now that the current government has enacted a new immigration law, which will enter into force on March the 1st 2017.

Feb / 2017

La nouvelle loi d’immigration au Pérou

La nouvelle loi d’immigration au Pérou (Décret Législatif N° 1350) entrera en vigueur le 1er mars 2017. Un règlement d’application

Feb / 2017

Why Set Up a Closed Corporation in Peru?

As with any other Peruvian company, there is no minimum share capital required for incorporating a S.A.C. At least 25% of each share must be paid upon incorporation.

Feb / 2017

Impôt sur les sociétés au Pérou

Avant de créer une entreprise au Pérou, il est conseillé de se renseigner sur l’impôt sur le revenu

Feb / 2017

Personal Income Tax in Peru

It is not an uncommon surprise, for foreigners leaving Peru, to learn from migratory authorities that they should have paid income tax in Peru

Feb / 2017

Tax Residency in Peru for Foreigners

As in many countries, in Peru there are some differences between the tax treatment applicable to a “resident” and a “non-resident”.

Feb / 2017

Leaving Perú and Income Tax

Foreign residents who have been residing in Peru are in for a rude awakening, when they try to leave the country...

Feb / 2017

Tax on Real Estate Transactions in Peru

While many countries have recently seen the real estate sector fall dramatically, the demand for housing and real estate properties in Peru remains strong.