29 / 2020

Tourists exceeding 183 days in Peru: be careful!

We have been informed that MIGRACIONES has clarified its internal position towards foreign tourists who exceed a 183-day stay in Peru within a period of 365 days, and who intend to re-enter Peru within that period.

23 / 2019

Opening a Business in Peru

Establishing a company to do business in Peru is very often one of the major hurdles a foreigner faces when relocating here.

17 / 2018

Complying with the New Anti-Corruption Law

Earlier this year, the Kuczynski administration passed Law N° 30424 –Law which regulates the responsibility of legal persons for the crimes of common bribery

17 / 2018

Quelques recommandations sur la déduction des charges relatives aux services intra-groupe en droit péruvien

Il y a quelques jours nous avons animé un atelier sur les prix de transfert et les services intra-groupe au Pérou au sein de la CCIPF.

03 / 2017

Data Privacy in Peru: Rules of Mandatory Compliance for Companies Which Store Private Data

Not all foreign investors are aware that Peru has a law for the protection of private data, which imposes some obligations upon companies in regard how data is processed and treated.

21 / 2017

Buying Real Estate at Blueprint Stage in Peru

The real estate market is one of the driving forces behind the Peruvian economy.

18 / 2017

Immigration au Pérou : entrée en vigueur d’une nouvelle loi et de son règlement d’application

Après l’entrée en vigueur de la nouvelle loi sur l’immigration (Decreto Legislativo N°1350) le 1er mars 2007

17 / 2017

Renting Property in Peru

One of the most frequent qualms among foreigners living in Peru is the applicable laws concerning the rental of property.