Our Law Firm

RGB Avocats is a Peruvian law firm dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs in the accomplishment of their investments in Peru, regardless of their form: acquisition of shares of pre-existing companies, purchase of assets, creation of subsidiaries or branches, public or private tenders, Public-Private Partnerships or international contracts.


  • We strive to comprehend the activity, strategies and organization of your company or group, in order to deliver a service better adapted to your necessities.
  • We provide legal assistance, beginning with the conception and design of tax and legal schemes, in order to carry out your investments in Peru in the most optimal and secure way.
  • Our clientele is primarily comprised of the parent companies of international industrial groups and of foreign natural persons.
  • Furthermore, RGB Avocats, counsels and represents individuals in cases regarding lawsuits, inheritance, expatriation, real estate and personal tax inquiries in Peru.


RGB Avocats is headed by Ricardo Guevara Bringas, a lawyer formed and educated in France, England, the United States and Peru, who has notably acquired international legal experience in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, international taxation, public procurements and tenders, negotiation and expatriation, after having practiced the profession in American, French, Peruvian and Argentinian law firms. We have a privileged relationships with the prestigious French law firm Lussan. We work together with law firms in Europe and Latin America.

Our Experience

We have recently participated in the following operations:

  • Counseling for a French corporate group, pertaining to the purchase of all the shares belonging to a Peruvian fishing company, with over one thousand workers.
  • Counseling and assistance in the incorporation of subsidiaries and branches in Peru, of various European corporate groups.
  • Counseling for a French company, world leader in the organization of events, pertaining to an international tender valued in USD 52 million.
  • Counseling for a French company, European leader in the exploitation and maintenance of urban and interurban transport networks, pertaining to an international tender in Peru, valued in USD 5 million.
  • Counseling relative to a tax scheme to be implemented by a French industrial group, pertaining to a public tender in Peru, with the Ministry of Transport and Communications, valued in USD 38 million.
  • Counseling in tax law and implementation of a branch belonging to a French corporate group, pertaining to the execution of a supply contract concluded with the Peruvian government relative to the manufacture of identity documents, valued in USD 4.6 million.

Profile of Our Clients

RGB Avocats has a portfolio of international clients. The following are among the most recent.

Corporate groups dedicated to:

  • Public transportation (subway, rail systems, tramways, buses);
  • Organization of international events (World Cups, international summits, Olympic Games, etc);
  • Freight international and freight forwarding;
  • Construction of custom and turn-key plants.

Industrial groups dedicated to:

  • Waste treatment;
  • Manufacture of smart cards;
  • Manufacture of personal protective equipment;
  • Manufacture of road signs;
  • Manufacture of explosives for civil usage;
  • Development of infrastructure;
  • Construction of bridges;
  • Manufacture of electrical equipment.

Companies dedicated to:

  • Development of software for civil aviation;
  • Provision of assistance in matters related to genealogy and international inheritance.

Also, many European and American entrepreneurs and natural persons, seeking legal assistance in real estate, insurance, litigation and immigration matters.


Mr. Ricardo Guevara Bringas has an excellent understanding of the difference in business practice in France and Peru; he took careful consideration of issues, specific to France, which would affect the outcome of our investments in Peru; and showed a great capacity for synthesis in his viewpoints.

Appointed Chairman for Latin America of an international corporate group, based in France, dedicated to public transportation.

We wish to impart upon you our full satisfaction with the expertise and counsel provided to us by Mr. Ricardo Guevara Bringas (…). The precision and support of Mr. Guevara Bringas largely determined the success of this investment. Furthermore, his excellent fluency in French helped the quality of our communications, which presents a substantial advantage for French companies. To this day our mutual collaboration continues, within the context of this project and we want to underline the importance of his competence and thoroughness, as well as the trust he has earned from us.

CEO of a French corporate group, dedicated to the development of software for civil aviation.